Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Esmeralda's Bag - 3. Finished piece

Contests are the best boosters of creativity and, even if you don't win a prize, you win. Because you will make something you really will cherish for a long time, if not a life-time. And one learns so much by trying to pass beyond one's own limits. I learned a lot from this bag. And I love it. It is my own reward in itself.

Esmeralda’s bag

The painting "Crystal door", which makes me think of a constellation of planets, is the basis for Esmeralda’s bag. She is a main character of "Notre Dame de Paris" by Victor Hugo, gipsy, probably the daughter of a fortuneteller, and to me she evokes colors, rebelliousness, mystery, travel, prediction of the future... On the bag are cathedral roses , the sun, the spiral of life, the Om symbol, lucky ladybug and a dragonfly, a symbol of strength, luck, transformation, etc ...

Esmeralda’s bag top, bottom, details
Material used:
Fabric – custom order based on the painting "Crystal Door" courtesy of the painter Patrick Duval.
Rivolis, hearts, big belly beads and bicones Swarovski crystal
Faceted glass and green chatons Czech glass
Czech seed beads, silk cut and buggle beads 11 ° 9 ° and 6 °
Miyuki Delicas 8 ° and 11 °
Miyuki Tila Beads
Japanese Seed Beads 8 °, 11 ° and 15 °
Mini drops Miyuki
Chinese crystal drops
Howlite dyed points
Freshwater pearls
Silver-plated charms
Nymo thread
Needles 10, 12 and 15.
Sewing - machine and hand
Peyote for the bezels
3D peyote for the flowers and for the bag closure (Jalisco type),
RAW and peyote for the rings
Russian spiral for the cord
Bead embroidery
Just one last picture to show size:
Me and my Boho bag : )
 Thank you for reading me


  1. C'est un regal ce sac CATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! je ne me lasse pas de l'admirer! sacré beau boulot que tu as fait là!!! encore MILLE FOIS BRAVO

  2. Beautiful beautiful work!!! And wonderful photo of you and the Bag! Just Love it :)

    1. Thank you! Happy you like that picture too :-)

  3. Your bag is gorgeous Cath. You look kinda shy in your picture. Smiles b

  4. Cath, the bag is truly fabulous and a wonderful combination of techniques. Thanks for sharing the process and result with us. Lidia


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