Friday, January 9, 2015

Time to play

I'm having a break from writing - well, I try to not work too much on the book. I say I try because I always have more ideas popping up and then I can't resist the temptation to bead more to show this or that design option. I also learn more and more everyday. But I needed a little break. To make a few other things. To share with you. I like to show what I make.

I finished this Small Sea Serpent which was waiting since months for a solution for a mobile head. I don't know why the solution didn't come up in my  head earlier. It was like a wall stopping me. The solution was there since the beginning but sometimes it is simply a question of putting things down and come back to them later. It is a 'Cute Creepy Creature' and the shape of its head, just like the little angler fish, based on my Tiny Tulip pattern. I blogged about that back in April 2014. Time goes by so fast. The whole album of the Cute Creepy Creatures can be seen in my Facebook Albums.
Blue Beard
I finished two Fairy Figurines. I started making those to test my arms when I had problems with my shoulders and wrists, using Charles Perrault's fairy characters as a pretext. The purpose of this beadwork is not to be perfect. The purpose is to make something fast and fun, focusing more on the 'feeling' than making first-class beadwork. That said, these 2 figurines took much longer to make than the two initial ones. The tiny crow (about 1.2x1.2cm) on Maleficents stick is an intricate 3d peyote miniature, a modified warped square, which took an entire afternoon to create. Blue Beard has a hart of pyrite below his beard. It says in the tale that he had a heart harder than stone. Isn't he frightening? The whole album of the Fairy Figurines can be seen in my Facebook Albums.

I'm now playing with a fang made by Mikki Ferrugiaro. I started a 5-pointed Yukka flower with a wider inner diameter. I think that Kate would call it a 10-wing with curves, I'd say a 10-wing with 'curls'. It is not finished but I like it already.

I am also having fun with mixed media, and in particular with watch parts. I made two necklaces for my sisters in Law and cuff links for the men in the family. They liked these gifts a lot. I think that people don't realize how much time it takes to work with metal, findings. Or maybe it's just me, but I think that it is not as easy as might seem.  The metal on watch parts is extremly hard and often need filing to smoothen surfaces. Other parts do simply not come off whereas we want to, or it all comes off, whilst we wanted to keep this or that gear in that place. Ha!

There are also many details to be kept in mind when working with chain, components and findings. Security (protection of the eyes), length, counting chain links (over and over) to use the right number, use the right tools correctly. Prevent twists. Find the right place to attach embellishments (front, back, in the middle) for reasons of balance - find which chain has the right drape. Make beautiful loops while not breaking what is on the headpin, etc. One has to get ones hands on it and experience it by trial and error. It gives me easily back pain. Bead embroidery might be a better option. I am trying that too. It's great fun.

This big box arrived today
Christmas and New Year were very quiet and peaceful here. This is what hubby and I like most. We made a lot of delicious dishes during the holidays, and now I'm glad to come back to simpler things. Soup is my favorite these days. With lots of veggies. This evening we will make rösti - a typical Swiss preparation with potatoes.

This year will be my 10th year as a beader. I nearly can't believe it! Marsha Wiest-Hines of Haute Ice Beadwork, whose beautiful work I admire a lot and who shares many tips and information about her creation process, posted a picture of her pinnable mannequin and that day I said to myself that it was about time that I offered myself something similar. Not long before that I had made the Tristan and Iseult-inspired necklace, I promised myself that I would buy a mannequin to at least be able to make decent pictures.

So... Tadam! I bought two busts! one for the show and one for the work. Because the price in that shop was very reasonable and they shipped combined, well-packed and very fast, from Germany to Switzerland. They arrived today so that was  very fast!

Maybe I will make more long necklaces in the future? What is sure is that now I can place (pin) components easily to study a piece better, and find the right drape for chain. It will surely save me time to play some more.