Sunday, August 9, 2015

Diamond Weave - DW - is here!

Diamond Weave front cover
I have not enough words to express my excitement! The book Diamond Weave is now available on Amazon, worldwide. It is printed by CreateSpace, which means that when you order it from Amazon, it will be printed just for you, in your country, or nearby, which means that it doesn't need to travel far over the oceans to reach you. You can find the links to the various Amazon stores below.

What you are buying?

I could answer: two years of my life. And many more of Gerlinde's, who developed the weave and all the stitches on her own since approximately 10 years and who continues to develop them. She has found a new stitch in the meantime.
I could also mention the number of photos and illustrations made... but you are probably more interested in what this book will bring you. Well, brace yourself: You are going to be blown away.

When I tried this stitch for the first time, I was happy that I was sitting on a chair. My first reaction was "Why would I start the beadwork in such an odd manner..." but then........ oh my gaaaaaaawd!!! That was the first of a long list of oooohs and aaaaahs. Of course, I wouldn't have taken so much time out of my own life, sitting in front of a computer, if it hadn't been so.

Diamond Weave back cover
First of all: This is a book with plenty of very clear illustrations. And it is crammed with knowledge.
 There is not just one stitch, but many stitches, and even more in potential. Diamond Weave is so incredibly versatile, you won't believe it unless you see it: You will not only discover Basic DW and the variations built upon it which result in beautiful woven fabrics including various hexagon weaves, 3 different octagon weaves and 2 Chinese coin motif weaves, but also instructions how to get the best out of them with seed beads, resulting in beautiful patterns and awesome textured beadwoven fabrics.

In addition, there are instructions on how to tailor the beaded fabric with  increases and decreases, tapering or sculpting, at the edge or in the middle of the weave.

You will find a flurry of hints, tips and design options which can result in a thousand different pieces of jewelry. The projects are there only to walk you through one of the countless possibilities.

You will never bead the same.

We could have made 3 or 4 books. One about the basic stitch, one for the variations, one for the seed beads, one for the increases and decreases (which are the basis for Dimensional DW). But we prefer to give it to you all in one and watch you fly with it. This is the Table of Contents:

Gerlinde says that this book is a miracle of friendship and it sure is. But it is even more. It is a victory. A victory over my fibromyalgy and on my light intolerance. I haven't felt this accomplished and proud in a very, very long time.

Basic Diamond Weave

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Happy Beading!