Monday, January 20, 2014

Creative whirlwind

Last year, Mikki Ferrugiaro invited me to contribute to the Bead Mavens blog, it is a post where I share my creative process with you.

Today I would like to talk about the creative whirlwind. Because that is what I'm in. And it feels so good to be in the eye of the storm! It is pure love, enthusiasm, fun. A state of being, not a state of mind. My pinky fingers never lie... 

Can you see it on the two pictures here? They are not recent, but I am in that state.

I had to shake myself to write a blog post to let you know that I'm ok, happily beading away. Yes. Beading and creating myself away. As if I weren't here anymore. And even if my apartment needs a good clean, I just can't resist this storm and won't resist it. Believe me, it is a waste of time to clean up and make a mess immediately after. It can even kill the creation that wants to be expressed through your hands. I'll tidy up when the storm will be over.

And indeed, my studio looks as if a storm has gone through. Because the more creative, the messier I get. There are beads everywhere on my trays. In tubes, boxes, little plastic bags, spilled over the beading mat in the tray... I have 5 trays, plus one very nice lap tray. They're all covered with beads and bits of beadwork. There also is my camera, sheets of paper, pads, boxes and tools everywhere on my desk. It 's hard to find a place for a cup of coffee. Fortunately hubby made a few extra shelves where the trays can be put away easily. For those who are interested in trays like this, these are very inexpensive "SMULA" from IKEA (only US$ 1.99 per piece; €2.99 in France).

Allthough I try to be organized and keep one tray for one project, when all my trays are full of beads, and projects waiting for that spark of enthusiasm, I continue making more projects on one tray. One is not finished but the other wants to come to life immediately.

Do you also feel that urge to create, sometimes?

Those "Oh this. And this. Oh, that too. Oh I should do that with those, oh and what would this look like with that"...

Looking at the picture here, I suddenly feel deeply grateful for this chair, for its comfort, bien sûr, but even more for the armrests. I couldn't do without it...

Thank you for reading me! Love to you all! Have a happy, creative day!

Back to beading now...

Friday, January 3, 2014

May 2014 broaden my horizon

I need a rejuvenating beading experience, fresh air, a new horizon, new inspiration.

Pear-shaped Geometric Earrings
Today during a skype session, a very dear friend in the USA showed me the inside of the book 'shaped Beadwork' written by Diane Fitzgerald in 2009. I am grateful that she did, because I caught the sight of a pair of pear-shaped earrings which were very similar to a pair I created not long ago. I was about to write a pattern for this, but now I hesitate...

I have never bought beading books before. I am very much self-taught. Never took classes either, because of my photophobia. But also, I am not at all the kind of girl who will 'do what she's told'. I like to discover things by myself. I don't receive beading magazines since quite a long time - I never made anything from it, but I love to have designer's advice and hints. NanC Meinhardt's Master Class in a Beadwork Magazine a few years ago totally blew my mind.

It may sound strange but I have tons of projects and ideas, but I don't feel the breeze of dynamic enhusiasm burning inside of me. I might need a little incentive.

When I saw Diane Hyde's beautiful Monkey in the Works - her Battle of the Beadsmith 2013 piece, I was drooling over it. It lighted a little creative fire inside of me, and it resulted in something pretty unusual, a 'Peace and Love' necklace, made with found objects only. The beaded beads are made with twin beads, the bobbin is embellished with twin and crystal beads and the big white Bead is removable / exchangeable - the metallic tube of the windchime holds it in place. It is far from perfect, but what is really special about it, is that I had fun making it.
Beautiful mixed media
Serafina by Diane  Hyde
Photo ©Diane Hye

I pre-ordred Diane Hyde's book about Bead Embroidery entitled "Break the Rules". I understand from the title that it is more an inspirational book than a project book, even though there will be projects in it - every Lark Book has projects in it. How-to's can be very interesting, but I feel attracted to her mixed-meda jewelry and would like to know more about her creative process.

Picasso said that "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." I don't have that impression about my own work these days...

In 2014 I hope to wash away the daily dust of my soul more often.