Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Esmeralda's Bag - 2. Making of

Below a few pictures of the making of of Esmeralda's bag. Click on the pictures to see bigger images.

I was very excited when the fabric arrived. The result really exceeded my expectations. My little IKEA sewing machine also did a good job!


From the day I made my Jalisco Bangle, I wanted to make an opening-system for a bag. The size of the bag and the opening fitted miraculously.

Jalisco Opening
Bottom of the bag.

I tried a few Yukka flowers before adding them to the tips.

Yukka Flower Tips with Howlite Spikes.
This are the ringlets for the top of the bag, so the rope could pass through 2x. 

Ringlets with RAW Band!

Pre-study of the embellishments. It might seem easy but I didn't want to spoil the beautiful details of the Mandala. I only knew I wanted to add the rivoli... the rest followed step by step.

First embellishments
First embellishments
Fringe on the side, Lace on the side with 8mm Swarovksi Bicones.
There are 6 Vulcano rivolis on the bag. It still wanted more beads :-)

Russian Spiral to hold and close the bag, with huge Swarovski Belly button beads and green glass chatons to make two stoppers in the shape of poppy pods.

I added beads to the bottom, but only strong 8/0 and Miyuki drops

I also added more beads to embellish the beautiful curves, tiny symbolic charms. If it wasn't for the weight, I could have added more beads, endlessly. In the meantime I have even added a little moon.

Next post is just a few pictures of the finished bag.

Thank you for reading!


  1. waouhhhhh il est juste sublimeeeeeeee j adoreeeee bravoooo kiki

  2. I really love the waterfall of fringe on the side. All the embellishments simply emphasize his beautiful artwork.

    1. Many thanks Shirley. I'm happy you like it! I am not fond of fringe, usualle, but this fringe turned out to be one of my favorite elements on this bag :-)

  3. Very pretty and full of spring. Great design.

    1. Thank you Nicole! I must admit that it is growing contageous around me, starting with my husband who asked me to buy pink T-shirts. Which looks gorgeous on him, I've always said. And yellow. too.


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