Monday, November 27, 2017

Creative La La Land

I did a swap with a wonderful bead designer whom I really love. I do not just love what she makes, I love her as a person. We decided to make earrings for each other, and because we had a lot of things to do, both, we didn't decide on a deadline. When I started my second earring, my friend hadn't found time for the swap on her side, but that didn't bother me. However, plenty of little issues prevented me from finishing the second earring: thread broke, a bead broke, etc. I put it aside and in less then a week from that moment, my friend finished her piece for me - something completely different than the earrings we had agreed upon. Something beaded especially for me. I felt honored and happy, because now that second earring didn't matter so much anymore and I could make something different for her too.

I had a beautiful crystal bead in my stash that made me think of a gown dancing in the wind, so I had the idea of making a pretty dress for a pretty lady! When inspiration hits and the heart is filled with love while making something for someone special, I feel like I'm in creative La La Land and love it, for it feels so good.

Using my "petal to pod" method, I first created the dolls little head - I seem to always start with a doll's head.
She smiled at me all along the beading journey :)

Then I made her arms - also petals, but folded. 

The top of her dress is made with 2 petals and a miniature zigzag- (in the round) and then I added little by little her shoulder blades with strap for the dress. Last but not least her dancing shoes, a flower in her hair, and a little necklace. I think that she really seems to be dancing. So this is why I called her "The Dancer".


The two pretties together. They are both made
with size 15/0 Japanese seed beads.
The Dancer's collar is made

 I received my friend's package before mine arrived at her place, but I kept it closed, to wait to open our swaps together, thanks to the magic of the Internet. It felt wonderful. My friend loves her little lady, and I love what she made for me. And it was really good to be in La La Land. 


  1. omg those are both adorable! love what you do Cath xx

  2. So delicate and dancerly! It really looks like it is in motion. :) I bet your friend will hang it by her beading space and see it often!

    1. That would mean that she is really happy with it, and would make me happy too!

  3. Custom Hand Stamped Jewelry i'd like your blog! excellent! thanks for sharing your wonderful blog with us.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I am very happy that you like my blog!


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