Sunday, November 19, 2017

Make some magic: put a beautiful day in a bottle

Sometimes you have such a wonderful time, such a perfect day with friends or family, that you say'd "I wish that I could bottle this day and be able to open it later, when I need to feel those good vibes again". The good news is that this is possible (and there is no bad news).

As many of you have probably heard, most gemstones have special metaphysical properties which vary from one to another. Amethyst has, for example, a calming reputation, whereas bixbite is a stone that will increase your energy levels which is very helpful to kick ass when needed. It is better to put a large specimen of the first stone on your bedside rather than the latter. This website gives interesting information about many gems.

You should always cleanse your
gemstones and crystals, also new
ones, before using them.
You can also charge quartz crystal with good vibes. Yes you read that well: quartz crystal can be “charged” with moods, feelings, intentions, messages. Love. Laughter. As my hubby says, "it is magic until science explains it". I like both science and magic.

Many moons ago, at the occasion of a global "give crystals back to Mother Nature" action organized by a Facebook group, I gave back many quartz crystal chips. I cleansed them in full moon light near a children’s playground, where they got charged with their playful good vibes the next day. Even though it sounds odd, quartz crystals are like sponges, they absorb what surrounds them. When I removed my crystals from the tree where I hang them, I could "hear" children laughing. It felt really good.

Bridge over the Serine, from where I
threw my crystals in the river.
Then I went to a small river near my town - the "Serine" to throw all the crystals in the water. I sang a song that I had composed for the occasion. The crystals in the water would transmit the good vibrations to the river. Streaming with the water, the good vibes would travel to the Lac Léman (Lake Geneva), and then further down enter the Rhône, cross la France, then enter the Mediterranean sea... Eventually the water would evaporate to become rain and maybe drop on someone's head in Budapest, or China... In the end, the good vibes would go round the world and touch every single person. It may sound completely surreal, but think about homeopathy: the active substance is diluted to a degree equaling less than 1 drop in the entire Atlantic ocean. In other words: inexistant. But nonetheless, homeopathy heals.

I did this many years ago, but the tiny powerful crystals still are charged with children's laughter and good vibes. I kept a few chips to add onto a mini hair-comb which always feels very special when I wear it, and kept the 4 chips that felt best for a special project. They still feel amazing, I still "hear" the children's laughter.

no matter how small, or insignificant
they look, if they feel good,
quartz crystals are good.

You can charge your crystals in a very simple manner, but you can also hang them, cleansed, in an organza bag in the room where you expect to have a wonderful moment with a beloved one, a family reunion, Thanksgiving, a birthday, a wedding, etc. Immortalize that perfect moment, and enjoy it as often as you wish. Experience the magic, or offer some magic as a gift to a dear one. If things don't work out well, cleanse them, and start over.

It may not be noticeable, but inside the Paradox Pendulum, there is a hollow that can contain a small item like the little "Amphorette". I embellished it with beads left over from the Perlen Poesie project. I love how this secret compartment can welcome a keep-sake. You nearly can't see it. In the photos above, the Amphorette is added to the pendant in the right picture, not in the left.

The other good news is that I just discovered that I can list free tuts in my IndieMade store, so I listed the free tutorial for this Amphorette for you to download (note: you need to give an e-mail to receive a link for the download). And while you are there, have a look at my other tutorials - I just listed the instructions to make the beautiful Faraday bracelet in my IndieMade shop, and also in my Etsy shop.

Have fun creating!

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