Thursday, February 16, 2017

Free Diamond Weave Patterns!

My epicondylitis issues - which lasted during several months (because it is so easy to put the fault on fibromyalgia, my doctor didn't worry much about it) - made me stop beading with beads and thread, but my brain continued. I made a lot of graphs of what came up in my beady brain during and after the writing of my book Diamond Weave. Each time I looked at the white graph paper, I 'saw' lines. Curves. Flowers. Fabric. Animals and insects. Because I needed to make space in my head for other things, I created these graphs for others to play with.
Free patterns available on the Facebook book page

Most of these patterns are inspired by textiles. Woven textiles and printed textiles, like the beautiful repetitive patterns made in Japan. I love these very much for their simple elegance. The more I drew, the more came up. Eddie at its hyperst! He must have heard beaders asking for more patterns with seed beads only in magazines...

The result is a nice bundle of patterns. It took approx. 3 months to create them all. You can download them by clicking on the photo on the image on the right. I haven't uploaded all the patterns yet, but this might already keep you busy, or inspire you.

You can bead a sampler with plenty of different elements assembled the way you prefer - just like samplers made with cross-stitch. Both the book and these patterns are meant to boost your creativity!

"Celestial Cuff" - Variation 3 with thread cover beads.
I would have loved to bead all the patterns and write tutorials for them, a little bit like my talented friend Carol Dean Sharpe, who has taken flat peyote stitch to a level of great art with her color choice and beautiful designs. I created one bracelet, "Celestial Cuff" and one amulet bag, "Gate to Paradise" (inspired by the beautiful bronze doors of the Florence Baptistery created by Lorenzo Ghiberti) using some elements shown in these patterns. I also started a third piece, with beautiful antique beads I received from the talented German designer Kris Empting-Obenland, whose work is a delight for the eyes. Alas, my fibro got in the way, and my elbows got worse.

Amulet bag "Gate to Paradise" - Variation 9
It was quite frustrating not being very productive in 2016. Very little beadwork, nearly no patterns... Also, it appeared that working on the computer was actually worse than beading and I should have stopped drawing, writing and browsing. Fortunately, something strange happened: I had to take antibiotics (for other reasons), which appeared to help the tendons a real lot! The doctor still has no answer for that, but am very happy to feel better.

I will soon add more patterns to the Diamond Weave Facebook album There are still lots of graphs for you to discover in addition to what is there. I'm sure that you will find something that you like, and welcome photos of your beautiful work!

Flower sampler - Variation 9 with thread cover beads WIP

I stood away from the computer as much as possible and finished the Toho Challenge, which was great fun, but challening! I love challenges like this. It was very stimulating. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to show anything now. The great reveal will take place in Milwaukee during the Bead and Button Show. I can't wait to see other beaders' creations. Note that it will be the first time that one of my creations will be shown at Bead & Button Show, which thrills me.

And if you don't have the book Diamond Weave yet, I hope that you will buy it. It is a great book. You don't need to believe me: just read the reviews posted on Amazon!

Thank you for reading me and Happy Beading!


  1. Hi Cath, so glad you feel a bit better again, missed you in the beady groups, i love the patterns and promised myself to learn the Diamond Weave, [ i like a challenge] Cath ,it is a long time ago that you asked me what bamboo was like to wear,i always ment to answer you and did not get around to it somehow, so now i will ,bamboo is beautiful to wear , i have clothes from top to toe not a lot but some and even bedsheets, and it is all so nice to wear i cn really recommend it ,the fabric that made the sheets feels like silk so soft, well Cath, this is it , and you to happy beading ,

  2. Thank you, Ankie! I will have to buy a bamboo dress :-)


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