Friday, February 24, 2017

A good design doesn't have to be complicated.

We all have a different way of looking at things due to our different backgrounds. Our preferences, age, education, environment, life... all these things influence our designs. With beads and thread, designers re-invent a use nobody thought of before, which is truly fascinating. Of course, it can happen that shaped beads are used in a similar manner by beaders and result in design collision. Which is never funny, but as we say, great minds think alike.

When I received the lovely Arkos beads by Puca to play with, they had already hit the market, in particular in Europe. So I looked a bit at what had already been done, and found many, many beautiful designs (there is so much talent out there, starting with Puca herself). But surprisingly not the simple one I had in mind. I might have missed it, so if you have made this design before, please let me know).

What I was very excited about is that it gave me the opportunity to finally use the camelia buttons I fell in love with some time ago. They are enamelled and heavy, which is good in this case, because they remain under the wrist and show the beautiful gold beads always on top. The gold finish being fragile, this will prevent them from rubbing on tables and desks.

I also like the contrast brought by the white pearls, which are added using Diamond Weave in variation 2 and the instructions on how to make a buttonhole. This is all explained in my book about Diamond Weave.

I really love the way the beads allow to create a scale pattern. I have this thing with gold fishes and dragon scales, you know, and I like a touch of deco and retro. It looks very beautiful on the wrist.

And you know what? It is so simple to make that I made a little diagram for you to play with yourself. You will probably need to adapt the bead count and clasp attachment, which is a bit tricky, but I am sure that you will succeed.

So voilà, here are the diagrammes for you to make your own De'Koi:

Have fun!
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