Thursday, May 16, 2013

Getting organized

I am still a little bit stuck with beading. Not because of lack of inspiration. In fact, I feel pretty tired and only make little things here and there on the corner of a beading mat. There is stuff everywhere all over the place to be put in boxes and, well... there is a serious lack of organizing boxes here in my room. A creative mess is nice, but I have to admit that having no place to put away unnecessary stuff, the space being eaten up by it, is really anti-productve. I feel demotivated. And tired. But I am not being lazy: I really want to clean my place.

Thinking of solutions, I realized that there is not much I can do apart from buying more boxes with compartment - because I have a nice place, with lots of trays and places to store my stuff.. And suddenly I thought that I could share with you what I prefer most.

Make-up organizer
I love my two little transparent make-up organizers which I use for tools, thread, pens for fabric, etc... here you can see one of them. Small but soooo handy.
And as you can see, I've added an elastic around bead tubes for them to remain together because they inspire me - maybe a new project? Don't know yet!

I have 10 plastic - stackable - drawers in which there is - fortunately - still place left for organizers. So I bought a few more little boxes online, and plastic tubes - I like my seed beads to be in tubes.

Bead Tube Tower
When ordering the tubes, I noticed that the little square flip-top (tic-tac) containers are less expensive... I have 4 bead towers for tubes from the Beadsmith and I love them - they are so practical to sort beads by type and by color. The Beadsmith now also offers a "Bead Tower II" for flip-top tubes. Click the image on the right to see their YouTube presentation. I still prefer round tubes because the lid of the flip-tops comes off if you use them a lot.

While browsing IKEA's website, I saw a very pretty oranizer: a white letter-tray box. To be honest, I have enough trays already, and I love them. My trays wouldn't fit in this organizer.

IKEA's letter organizer
Maybe I'll succeed to adapt my workspace to slide my trays like this somewhere... I think I will need my dear hubby's help for this.

I also saw a transparent over-the-door multi-pocket organizer on Ebay but didn't buy it - I already have a multi-pocket organizer where I put little bags with bead assortments for future projects, waiting for time.. but it is not transparent and I sometimes forget what's in there... It is made of green sturdy fabric. Shall I cut out little windows in the pockets?

I have white drawers with miscellanous stuff: adhesives, sewing-, cutting-, measuring-, and other useful material. I have 2 transparent boxes with little drawers in which I store finished projects which are not for myself and shelves with books. I like things to be white or transparent. It doesn't influence the colors of the bead work.

My order of last week (Delicas) has just arrived in the mail box and I can't wait to get started with them. However, I need to get rid of the mess first.

This is what it should look like:


You think that I have too many beads?

Of course not, one can never have too many beads!

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