Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bead something related to your country

What defines us? I don't know...

I am Dutch, but live I in Switzerland since so many years, that I could not tell Steven Weiss that I should normally not 'battle' under the Swiss flag. I'm happy to have a white cross on the red background for banner.
Swiss and Dutch Flags.
The Swiss flag is the only square flag for a country
I am not royalist for one cent, but when watching the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander in the Netherlands, I was a bit moved though. Quite honestly, I particularly loved to see all the boats and flags and the water... and the many people celebrating together.
I will never forget how I cried at my arrival in Geneva, after 2 months stuck on a bear-infested Ranch somewhere in Michigan, when seeing the beautiful lake and the Alps from the plane at our arrival...and how surprised I was to be crying. I love this place more than I thought.

I am not at all a chauvinist. When it comes to sports or art, I simply fall for beauty and quality of performance, for sincerity, the very talented ones. But when the particular team or person happens to be Swiss, I feel a little something like 'hey, how nice, "my" country also brings beauty, talent, quality to this world". I feel glad.

The Swiss skater St├ęphane Lambiel made me cry when he danced his Flamenco (not this video, but similar), so beautiful was his skating, his Qi. Since that day, I believe that I understand why - if there is a God - He loves humans; it must be for that moment where the spark of life glows, the beauty of an accomplishment makes time seem to be eternity. We see only the best on tv, but there is beauty in every person on this earth, in every first step, every action of bravery, every kiss...

Like Lambiel, the couple Duschesnay (brother and sister) have hypnotized me in the past. They were Canadian by their mother and French by their father. Even thought they lived in Canada, they skated for France, because there was already a couple representing Canada in international competitions...

They did well. Very well. They were not just excellent, they also were extremely innovative, despite the - far too drastic - rules, limiting a lot the dancers in their movements.

What they did in this performance was a dream, but at the end, when it is over, they fall... I watched this live and it hurted me even thought it wasn't me there on the ice.

The Duschesnay had a huge influence on the performances of the next generation, and even on skaters of their generation. Same for St├ęphane, always dancing on the edge of a cliff with remarkable dexterity, taking many risks.

Competition brings the best out of participants. I like contests for that reason. It can be tough, yet it makes us surpass ourselves. And even though it is the athlete or artist who is celebrated, they are there under the banner of a country.

The reason why I am talking about this is that I am participating in Nancy Smith's Blog Hop entitled "My Country, Of Thee I Bead". It is a challenge to make a piece of jewelry based on something that is distinctive to our home nation (flag, emblem, anthem or anything  else that seems representative).

What shall I come up with? Well, you need to wait until the end of June to discover it. It is not a contest and it is only for fun. It doesn't need to be a big thing.

Join in if you also think that this is a nice occasion to make something different.


  1. Cath, I so agree with you! Beauty and quality are universal in their comprehension. Most people can easily select the "best" one in a group, even if they know nothing about the group. I know you are talking about national pride here, but you are also talking about gifts from God and the awesomeness of nature, and recognizing excellence when you see it, whether it "plays for your team" or not. What a wonderful post! I'm gonna go and read it again!!!

    1. Thank you for your reaction, dear Marsha! I am glad that you understand so well what I tried to convo! xxx


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