Sunday, January 20, 2013

Making a video... without a camera

I don't know when hubby will modify my website for it to become a nice little shop and not just a portfolio... with buttons to pay with Paypal, etc... but there is a possibility that in the future my  portfolio won't be visible the way it is now. So I've been thinking of a way to showcase my 'old work' (well, not that old, Jalisco Bangle is new), and thought that a YouTube presentation would be quite nice. I started it and didn't finish it. There are so many pictures... too many... I had to find a solution to split the big bunch of images...

Beads by Preciosa Ornela

Preciosa Ornela - manufacturers of tiny little glass marvels - I mean beads of course - organize sweepstakes every month to win a kilo of beads! WOW. The more beads the merrier! Preciosa said that they would totally love to see our videos with our creations made with their little treasures.

Halalee... I needed a good idea to put pictures together, but not all, and sorting them by type of beads used in the work is an excellent common denominator... So here is my first video with images of what I have made over the past years with their lovely beads.

It is not really difficult to put this all together with Windows Live Movie Maker. It takes time to find out how to handle all the settings and adjust time, animations, music... Make static images move. It is so much nicer. What I found most difficult was to find music that wouldn't make people run away after a few seconds...something calm, soft. I browsed the Internet and found... so many tunes!!! It took  a long time making the video, but also a long time listening to music. There are many talented musicians out there who share and offer their work for free.

So here it is - I am pretty happy with the result. And it was nice to look back... Some pieces have won prizes, some are in books, and there are also a few pictures which I have never shown before... I hope you like it too...

For the music in this video, I wish to thank Kevin MacLeod for his 'Enchanted Journey' and to Tom Cusack for his 'Piano Ballad'.

I hope to make more videos in the future, for your inspiration.

Long live YouTube.

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