Monday, January 14, 2013

Never walk around with a needle...

I lost my beading needle yesterday evening, because for some strange reason I didn't want to put my beadwork down... I held my tiny little beaded square in my left hand and took it with me to the living room where hubby was watching something enjoyable on tv - just to spy it, you know...
I had forgotten that the bobbin with thread was still attached to the beadwork, it came off the table, rolled behind me, I took it off the floor and took that also with me with the intention to put the unrolled thread back on the bobbin...
By the time I arrived in the living room the thread and bobbin got completely intermingled; trying to untangle the threads, my right finger and thumb lost their grip on the needle, the needle fell off the thread without me really paying attention to it (but somewhere in my brain I noticed that it happened there...).
I saw that I had lost the needle, put my beadwork back on my beading desk, watched tv (a really cool Russian film), and then didn't know for sure where to search for the darn thing... all my attempts to find it back were useless... I even took a torch for more light and my magnetic pen went around half the apartment at least 3 times... nothing.
So... I said a prayer, which works generally very well (fortunately, because a needle in a bare foot can be source of paralysis - it is something I am so afraid of!) And I swear: at the very same moment, hubby, laying on the ground to see if it wasn't there (where I looked at least 3 times - under the sofa) 'found' it: it pricked his butt from behind him, as if it had sprung out of the little green fluffy carpet (which I had searched, even with my magnetic pen!) No harm, no scream, just a *I've found your needle, it's HERE* with a lot of sarcasm in this voice... He really seemed to think it was funny. But imagine my embarrassment (that awkward moment, you know?)... I try to not do stupid things like that...  but I am a passionate crazy beader... Hubby laughed when I told him about the prayer (because of the danger for the feet) so he asked: please include my butt in your next prayer.
Prayers sometimes get immediate answers... in unusual ways.

But remember: never walk around with a needle! The time you waste searching for it is time you cannot bead!


  1. I see we have both been searching for lost needles this week! Luckily they were both found with more humor than pain.

    1. Lost needles are a drame in mi casa. I am grateful for having it back. I am grateful for no harm on both your and my side! Thank you for your comment!

  2. I really enjoyed your post Cath and can very much relate to your needle mishap. I was beading in bed the other night and was worried I'd mislaid a big eye needle between the sheets. Imagine my relief to see it on the bedside table the next morning! I like you have resolved never to put myself through that uneasy feeling again! My heart can't take it!

    1. Oh my! I think that I would never have been able to sleep!


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