Saturday, January 5, 2013

Let's bead, let's change the world, one bead at a time...

Showcase 500 beaded jewelry
What I love most in the 'Beadworld' is the extraordinary solidarity among the beaders. As Ray Hemachandra from Lark Jewelry & Beading wrote in the introduction of his book 'Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry': "They offer constant words of encouragement, support, and love. The development and expansion of the beading community in recent years is a story of empowerment, of friendship, and of family." I am proud to to be a beader, to be part of this great big family... (and also to be in this award-winning book with two of my desigs!!!!).

Today, I came across something really amazing and I would love this information to go round the world as quickly as possible: there are only 8 days left for this charity auction in favor of GOCC, a Polish foundation for saving children and care for the elder. My mouth fell open when I saw this  UNBELIEVABLE soutache necklace made by 50 Polish and a few Italian artists! There are not enough words to tell how beautiful and brilliant this work of art is. The time necessary to make this amazing piece, the making of, the colors, the gemstones, everything about this necklace is astonishing.

Idea and design by Eweliny Rząd, a collaborative soutache necklace by 50 artists.

I think a first lady could wear this. Don't you also think that this would be beautiful on Michelle Obama? Come on friends, tweet, share the news on Facebook.

BVN Tree - at the IUCN
My favorite beading activites are collaborative and it's even better if it can help others. I joyfully participate in  charity beading. It makes me feel good to do something for others! Sometimes I sell a pattern for disaster relief, sometimes I buy a pattern to support other beaders... Did you know that there is a Facebook page called "Beaders Helping Beaders" that was created by our friend Nikia Angel after a first fundrasing call for a fellow-beader in need? I personally initiated the climate-change-awareness action Beaders' Voice for Nature tree, which is now exposed at the International Union for Conservation of Nature. I am still so grateful for the many helping hands in this wonderful action. Beading for awareness changes the world one bead at a time, it does. The Bead-It-Forward Project iniated by Jeannette Shanigan for breast cancer awareness is one of the best known, and all the proceedings of the auctions of the beaded quilts have gone to Cancer Research.

Micro-Mosaic Bead
Another very beautiful action by artists Darcy Rosner and Betsy Youngquist is now taking place in the USA - a project to help with Hurricane Sandy relief. Darcy and Betsy are asking bead artists to donate beads for what they call the 'Hurricane Sandy Micro-Mosaic Project'. They need supplies and also - if possible - helping hands. This project is a long-term project. Many things still need to be done. The Etsy-Shop is here. What is really needed is time, hands and material. Contact me or Darcy to learn more.

You can also change the world!!!


  1. We can and we will! :D Those are gorgeous works of art. Thanks for the motivation to do more myself.

  2. I find this totally spectacular ! Thanks for sharing :)~~~

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