Sunday, January 13, 2013

Czech Seed Beads vs Japanese Sead Beads

I use both Czech and Japanese seed beads.

I love both.

The first have a round 'wall' and the latter have a less round, flatter wall.

"Your True Colors" pendants
Czech seed beads are very lovely to give an 'organic' look to your jewelry.
I like them for fringing, square stitch, coralling, herringbone, brickstitch, netting and bead embroidery. Also for spiral ropes and Russian Spirals, etc. (there are many different stitches and ropes out there)

Japanese seed beads give more 'tailored' results.
I like them for fringing, square stitch, coralling, herringbone, brickstitch, netting and bead embroidery. Ah yes, also for spiral ropes and Russian Spirals, etc. AND peyote.

Haha. Except for peyote stitch, that is the same, no? Well, yes, indeed!

Japanese 'Seed Beads' should not be confused with the high-precision cylinder beads to which manufacturers have given special names to not mix them up. Those beads, Aiko, Delica, Treasure, Magnifica, etc., are fabulous to make geometric shapes, stiffer shapes... in particular when using peyote stitch... But they are not so fabulous for coralling, netting, ropes, or bead embroidery... And they're not ALL Japanese.

So better not use Czech seed beads for peyote? Well... No. That is not true. It is just about what you want. There are always wonderful exceptions. Look at "Jalisco" bangle, made entirely with Czech seed beads using peyote stitch (Preciosa's red seed beads don't change colors, they're awesome).

Jalisco Bangle

This bangle is featured in Kate McKinnon's fantastic book "Contemporary Geometric Beadwork" with explanations on how to make your own, starting with an easy bellyband technique. You will discover both this bangle, as well as the one I made for the book with cylinder beads.

And you know what? Even printed on paper, the one made with Czech beads seems to be alive (organic)! So... I'd say try peyote with Czech seed beads too, you might be surprised!

Look at the picture above - geometric pendants made with  beautiful opaque seed beads. Circles and squares... There is nothing you can't make with Czech seed beads...

And try other shapes. There now are so many funny newbies! I have seen lovely beaded rings and bracelets made with the two-hole PRECIOSA Twin™ seed beads. I started playing with those lovely beads some time ago too, which resulted in my very own elegant and sleek Twin-Rope. And of course I plan to play some more! The playing-part is very important!


I love all seed beads. Tiny shiny (or matte, tranparent, milky, opal, pearl, metallic, etc...) little glass wonders. There is no remedy to Bead-Fever!

We are the luckiest beaders ever, because nowadays, the wonderful high-tech machines allow the production of many different new shapes, bringing more and more bead fun!

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