Thursday, December 12, 2013

I know how to swim, but not endlessly

My balcony in the summer
It might not seem so, but over the past months, I really didn't feel well. It all started with the return of the cold, end of August. I wanted to profit from my balcony a little bit more, because this year... well this year the heaters were on until the beginning of July and Summer lasted exactly 7 weeks. Unbelievable.

They did not put the heaters on very quickly, of course not... This resulted in cystitis (and a bad cold later on), and I needed to have antibiotics. When she delivered the antibiotics, the pharmacist said that I had to interrupt 2 medications, due to interactions. One of the two is for fibro and -I have to admit that now- mental stability. The pharmacist had already warned me in the past that it could affect the heartbeat, but I decided to rely on my doctors, who never said anything about that. But yes, my heartbeat had changed (I felt scary 'blobs'). During that one week of antibiotics without my other medics I felt ok, so I decided to not take them for a while.

In the meantime, my adorable physiotherapist said that I seemed to loose my inner light and that I should talk about it with my doctor.

Which I did, a tiny bit later than reasonable.

To make a long story short: I saw plenty of doctors and had to make plenty of phone calls and became really, really depressed. 

I love the view from my window.
Since yesterday there are ice flowers
on my favorite tree.
Someone suggested that it might be seasonal depression. Well, that for sure is not the problem. Not at all. I love Fall and Winter. I'd say that seasonal depression happens to me when it is still cold in June :) June should be nice, right?

According to the cardiologist everything is fine. I'm glad that I finally have that important medication back, since last Friday. I can feel the difference already. Hurray!

There is hope here. However, it was a shock to realize that beads and positive attitude weren't sufficient to remain balanced... I didn't even like beading anymore, and that felt so very wrong.

It is like swimming in the middle of the lake or sea. You've learned to swim but you cannot swim continuously. Plus, the water is cold.  The strength or power to keep on swimming and breathing weakens more and more... You need to have something to hold on to keep your head out of the water (or find a way to the shore). Happy to have the buoy back!

I am very very grateful for the wonderful support many of you have shown on Facebook when I wrote about this. Much gratitude and love to you all. You rock!

Now, I feel that I'm coming back. Suddenly I succeeded to finish the graphs for the Rick Racks for Contemporary Geometric Beadwork (in the process of being reviewed) as well as my patterns for  Ishtar Collar KITS. Yes, KITS!! This will be the subject of another blog post - suspense suspense!

For now, I want to celebrate with you that my heart is ok, and that I can take the much needed medication again. And with Christmas at our door, let's have a special

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