Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Beadworkers: Seven Deadly Sins - SIN #7

Linda L. Jones
Have you already visited Linda L. Jones's blog, Wild Wicked Beads? That is where you will find 6 articles which she grouped under the title BEADWORKERS: SEVEN DEADLY SINS. Linda's articles are priceless. Her humor and talent as a writer equalled her beading skills: amazing.
You may notice that Sin #7 is missing. It will always be missing.
Linda passed away in 2012 after a very brave fight against brain cancer. She is much missed by Planet Bead.

I don't remember when exactly this year, but I got so upset by people manoeuvering behind people's back - something which has hurt me so much in the past, that I wanted to write the 7th Beader's deadly sin. 

While writing, I understood why she never wrote this one (at least, it felt so):
if Slaunder and Innuendo are the 7th Deadly Sin, writing about it was like perpetrating it... particularly the 'Innuendo' part, the "I have the right to write this, because... because what? I am better? or would never do this to someone else?"
Frustration disappeared instantly when I realized that. Gone, it was, and the peace of letting destiny's wheel turn came instead.

Linda, I now understand why you never wrote the 7th, but still kept the title. May your class and beautiful insights light a little light in the heart of many more beaders and people. 

Love and gratitude.

I'm starting the New Year with a fresh, clean mind.

I wish you all a very Happy, Creative, Colorful New Year!

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