Thursday, December 27, 2012

I feel like stuck in 'inactivity-glue' and ...

... if I don't write about it, it will last! I'm stuck since quite a while and this must end. I need to find back motivation for new beady projects. But I have two big projects going on and I want them to be finished, but am not motivated... So I thought that writing about it could help me to reset my brain...

Sounds silly huh? But haven't you ever had a song continuously spinning in your head, endlessly? In one episode of the French tv-series Kaamelott, King Arthur was told by Knight Perceval to sing it out loud, otherwise it wouldn't stop haunting him and he would not be able to concentrate on problem-solving. Loved it!

And you know what? It really works! I tried one day I wasn't afraid of looking ridiculous. Amazing! The song left, but another one immediately came in my head to replace it, LOL. So... I guess writing about this might ... hey! I love this series. Nice costumes. Oh and King Arthur has an amazing finger armor ring... Very inspiring... Hmm. seems like ... Oooh.

So sorry! I need to go! My beads are calling!



  1. Great Cath, it does work. When I have too much happening in my head I find writing everything down to be very beneficial. Don't show it to anyone, just write it all out, all the nonsense, anything you think, doesn't matter what comes out, it is just for you to clear.
    I did the processes in Julie Cameron's book The Artist's Way where you wrote every morning. The book is designed to get you in touch with your creativity. It really worked for me, quietened my mind and I ended up writing rhyme....not what I was expecting LOL
    Good luck with "rekindling your creativity quest"

    1. Thank you Patrick, for visiting and commenting on my blog! You are really sweet to share this info with me and others. good advice is precious. It will encourage me to write a bit more - I actually am the worst blogger in the world...


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