Saturday, December 15, 2012

Contemporary Geometric Beadwork by Kate McKinnon

"Silence is not an absence of sound but rather a shifting of attention toward sounds that speak to the soul. In a moment of silence you may feel your heartbeat or hear your breathing. Silence is a positive kind of hearing, which requires turning off the knob that tunes in to active, literal life and tuning on the one that amplifies the movements of the soul."  - Thomas Moore

Devil’s Eggs Are Hatching, Horned Rick-Rack cuff
made by Gabriella van Diepen,
Contemporary Geometric Beadwork 2012
Photo Jeroen Medema

Having the priviledge to proof-read Kate McKinnon's book "Contemporary Geometric Beadwork", I can't but think of those words. The other day, my daily rip calendar talked about the difference between brainless talks - such as mondain conversations like lost luggage, the tune on the radio, the nice cashmere sweater, the fleck on a skirt... filling the emptiness of silence with superficial words -, and deeper, sensible, meaningful words in proverbs, poems or maybe songs... which you will carry with you during your entire life.

Books and beading can likewise be light and superficial, super-entertaining yet easily forgotten, like the wind... one beaded object after the other. The thirst remains... Contemporary Geometric Beadwork is not in this category.

The book is really excellent from a technical, photographic and beader's point of view - it is delightful! However that is something one expects from any talented beader and writer. And there are many excellent books about beading out there.

What makes Contemporary Geometric Beadwork so special is all in Kate's writing, her ability to take your hand and lead you on a new path of creativity and new perspectives, taking you to a place where there is space for you. The book is full of ideas and pictures of beadwork made by many others, opening a gate to your own path; it is YOUR book. It seems like the reason for the so many pages is only for you to find space, 'emptiness' and 'silence' to listen to your very own inner voice.
Also, she has sprinkled every section of the book with meaningful quotes which are a delight on their own, but also show the mindfulness of the action of creating.

Fortuneteller Bangle made by Rayo Boursier,
Contemporary Geometric Beadwork 2012
Photo by Kate McKinnon

Beading might seem to be a superficial activity at first glance... it is not. It is the essence of humans to create. It is the essence of humans to feel alive through creation, it is the realization of their own 'selves', by discovering their own inner voice, the beauty of it, the love...

Beading is the expression of a natural, inner 'élan vital'.
Kate knows it and gives you room. Be prepared to bloom.


  1. Dear Cath, I fully agree, this book isn't just like any other beading book, I preordered it and was so lucky to follow the progress, this book is amazing, this book is one of a kind, just the way it was built makes it special. I wish Kate a huge success ! And congrats on your new blog ! Ingrid

    1. Thank you for your comment Ingrid! and oh yes, this book is so very unique. Kate has been working so hard on this, she deserves huge success!!


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