Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Perfect Present

When I learned that the theme of the Etsy Beadweaver's Team Challenge of November was  "The Perfect Present", I immediately knew what I wanted to make. You can see the listing here.

Years ago, my dearest friend Isabelle gave me a small vermeil Hamsha hand, to protect me, as she said. I think that she is the only person who has ever given me something protective, but that comes from the absence of supersition of my other beloved ones.
Click for a larger image - the Hamsha
hand in this photo is the one I received
from Isabelle
I wasn't superstitious myself, and didn't realize how adorable it was to receive (or give) an amulet, or talisman until she gave it to me. Since that day, I consider "Evil eyes" which actually symbolizes the eye watching out for evil, Hamsha hands (God's hand), Maneki Neko (lucky cats) and many other little beads and charms as Perfect Gifts. Small objects, durable representatives of the loving attention and affection from one person for another. It doesn't matter that you believe it or not, what matters is the intention. "Be well, stay safe". It is kindness, friendship, love, dedication. Symbols are the result of culture, and culture is the result of thousands of years of human evolution. Some symbols have an incredibly deep meaning.

The Evil Eye in this beaded component is a rare vintage Venetian glass cabachon, which I received from the adorable Ruth Buffington. She sent it to me along with other beautiful beads and cabachons within the framework of the January 2013 PIF which went viral on Facebook - a lovely action where one commits to send a gift to 5 persons who, in return, simply must pay it forward. Ruth is a very talented beader and seamstress extraordinaire.You certainly will like to discover Ruth's works for this year's Steampunk exhibit at the Lyam & Merrie Wood Museum of Springfiel History, 3 exceptional costumes with incredible beadwork and beaded accessories, are amazing.

Click for a larger image to read Nesli's note
I ordered 22Kt matte gold-plated Hamsha charms to match the cabachon, little coin charms (also symbol of good fortune) together with a few other items from an Etsy shop in Turkey, TukishEyeSupply. The owner, Nesli, sent more than just the items I ordered. She added a little bag full of goodies plus a 'real' Evil Eye bead, with a note saying:

"This is a Nazar Boncuk (Evil Eye) handmade by Turkish Artisans.
 For thousands of year it is believed to be protective. I hope it will protect you and brings you good luck too..."

I don't know Nesli personally, and feel very  grateful.

The cabachon is glued on Lacy Stiff Stuff, backed with turquoise leather. I made a butterfly rope structure around the cabachon. The oval peyote structure is supple. It makes the component cup nicely, which is practical for the chain to pass behind. I used beautiful materials - 24Kt Gold plated Delicas, Goldplated Firepolished rounds and Permanent Finish gold Toho seed beads for extra durability.

For my beaded pendant I initially planned to make a long Butterfly rope, but Debra's lovely Seed Bead Chain pattern (available for free in her Craftsy Store) is matching this project even better, in particular when worn on the hand.

There are two chains for this item: to wear it as a bracelet (34cm chain for a 71/4 inch wrist) or as a hand adornment with the longer chain (38cm). The two chains together make a 72cm long chain to wear the component as a pendant.

The tiny little coins are fantastic little 'helpers' to attach the clasp.

Please let me know what you think!

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  1. I loved this when I saw it in the listing, but understanding the symbols and meaning make it even more precious and perfect as a gift, as you suggest! Bravo Cath!!!


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