Friday, December 7, 2012

Echo Dance

This week I am working on a new tutorial. I like to draw, that is also why I like to bead... drawing with big pixels, small pixels, beads... The pattern is for a pair of elegant earrings - the perfect hoops for Christmas or New Year's Eve - which I made to complement the necklace "Echo Dance".

Echo Dance Ear Hoops - pattern - English - 8.00 US
I hope that you like them and that many of you will buy this new pattern. Useful to make a 'Tri-Craw Rope' too! Until now, I made patterns for causes, but I really need to take other priorities into consideration: not only am I disabled, but also my husband has PTSD and my father in law Alzheimer. My income will be drastically lower as of the 19th of this month, but also my husband does not have access to the treatments he needs and my father in law can't get all the care he needs because both diseases are not "recognized" by the Swiss Health Care System. There are many things we need to pay ourselves, ask help for (Alzheimer Assocation, when possible), or simply renounce...

So voilà: from now on I sell my patterns for these reasons.
Echo Dance - 170 US$ + shipping

And... I have decided to sell my jewelry too!

I will post pictures every now and then, so please come back to see the updates if you like my work. Most of you know me already but for those who don't, please note that everything is hand-made with love, the designs are my very own (except if otherwise stated) and the work and material are top-quality. I hope to be able to open a webshop soon.

To make the 21.5-inch rope, I used Japanese seed beads, Czech glass, crystal rondelles and freshwater-pearls with a weaving technique which I like to call "tri-CRAW" - a variation of cubic right-angle weave on a triangular basis. The pendant is made of carved blue-ish green yellow jade (natural stone), measuring 2 3/4 by 1 inch.

If you are interested in purchasing a pattern or jewelry, please contact me at cath @ parure . ch for more info, pictures, details, etc... (you have to take the spaces out of the address).

The Echo Dance I refer to is a breath-taking performance which can be seen in this fabulous film name "House of the Flying Daggers".

This film is a real gem made by Yimou Zhang. He has an incredible sense for beauty and the scenes filmed outside are amazing, definitely worth watching. With the beautiful Ziyi Zhang and Takeshi Kaneshiro. Enjoy!


  1. Very nice Cath. I wish you much wealth and happiness with your blog. From Bonnie or just b

  2. Thank you Bonnie! I appreciate your kind words very much!

  3. très joli, et courage!! (la vie n'est pas un long fleuve tranquille.. malheureusement!!) J'espère que ça va s'arranger pour vous aussi.
    Gros bisous et bravo, ta parure est superbe! (et j'aime le double fermoir aussi ;)

  4. Merci Alex! Oui la vie est pleine de rebondissements. Merci pour ton compliment!


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