Thursday, July 2, 2020

International Beading Week is coming

and I am preparing to do a ZOOM class for the first time ever. 

You will need a 14mm rivoli, Toho PF Starlight 11/0 and 15/0 and Preciosa Ornella Sol Gel 10/0 seed beads. For those - numerous, I know - who cannot find these beads, I will show a version made entirely with Toho beads 11/0 and 15/0. They use the same petals.

A fairy made with petals
Because you will be my "guinea pigs", this workshop is entirely free. I am not a pro tutor like the ladies you are used to. I am just a "beading fairy" as my hubby says and not a professional teacher at all, and I have a lot to learn, but I like to teach and transmit knowledge. I hope to get better over time.

I wish to thank the lovely Sylvia Fairhurst, trustee of the Beadworkers Guild in charge of events, designer and owner of "Witch Beads" who offered to be the hostess of this online event.

Booking will start on 11th of July 2020. Kindly note that I won't take any reservation at all and Sylvia won't take reservations before. Please see the International Beading Week website for details.

2018's "Meryl"
2019's "Rainbolas"
Don't be sad if you cannot attend! Like last years, a pattern will be published for free for all, on my website.

2020's IBW Pride Flower

Should you wish to become familiar with Petals as taught in my "From Petal to Pod" paper, join the Facebook group where you will find the instructions (please answer the questions to be let in by the moderators).

Some of the things people made with petals

There is a bit of Mr. Puddlepond frog folie happening in that group right now, which delights me too.

My newest pattern, Mr.  Puddlepond
also made with petals

I am a bit nervous, but the perspective of beading with you live makes me super happy!



  1. Cath, you are a marvelous gifted artist and I know anyone in your class will be delighted with your presentation!

    1. Thank you very much Rose Mary!!! It was a very nice experience for all! I learned a lot too!


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