Monday, March 30, 2020

Ad astra Veronica

My friend Veronica died in her sleep in the night of 26 to 27 March, after a very, very long, and hard fight with her body.

I loved her and feel like I lost a dear family member, but I cannot go to Sweden to say goodbye. So I am writing this article as an hommage to her friendship, a "celebration", and for all to remember the beautiful person she was, and the beautiful beadwork she made.

Veronica Jonsson
She was a beautiful girl, with a heart of gold. She had the courage of a lioness until the last minute. In addition to all her health issues, she had Asperger syndrom to deal with, which means "special needs" but also amazing talent, intelligence, a deep attachment to justice, as well as a real concern for our planet and the well-being of animals. She hated right-wing extremists with a passion.

This young woman, sick and stuck at home remained generous, concerned by others wellbeing no matter how bad she was feeling. She beaded so many awareness ribbons that the local newspaper published an article about her. 

An article about Veronica
in the local news paper

Even when she started loosing her eyesight because of cataracts that could not be removed, she dedicated her time to the creation of a political party to fight the nazis who, as she said, were taking over her country (Sweden). This was December last year. She was very proud about it and I was just completely baffled.

Amazing pendant
I cannot fathom where she found the strength, courage or hope. If you are / have been a member of her Facebook group "poor, sick and neary dead", you know what I am talking about. When she posted photos of her wounds, I nearly left, for I am a HSP, but inside of me, I thought "what kind of friend am I if I care to see only the nice things and never the bad". She needed help, and so we helped. Beaders help beaders.

And beaders understand beaders. One time she stayed so long in hospital - about a year - that she had piled up an impressive bead stash that was a nightmare to take home. During her next stay, nobody wanted to bring her beads because of that, so I sent her a box of beads and everything for Christmas. Sometimes going against good sense is a friend's duty. It made her happy.

A rainbow for a rainbow warrior

Veronica beaded beautifully. She made her own designs and mainly used bead embroidery and beadweaving. She chose stitches and colors very carefully.

Neatly bead embroidered cuff

When looking at some of her pieces, I can't help but thinking "perfect" - perfect choice of beads, stitch, colors, and balance.

I coudn't think of
a better fringe.
Veronica was also good at kumihimo and painted silk scarves, for which she made matching brooches or scarf rings. She liked to use all sorts of media, like leather, crystal clay and rhinsetones.

Silk scarf
Kumihimo Rope

She was a fan of Sherry Serafini and Laura McCabe, to whom she dedicated this big eyed cuff.

I don't remember well when we "met" for the first time on Facebook but when Veronica won the beading contest "Birds of a feather" organized by Christina Neit from Good Quill Hunting designs, we both were around since a while. Having entered the contest myself too, we bonded. Her win was well deserved. I will never forget her cuff with feathers for eyelashes... I think that you will all agree that this cuff is unforgettable.

Veronica's Birds of a Feather
contest entry
She also had sense of humor. She recuperated tubes from her blood thinners to use as containers for her seed beads. She was generous with good tips, be it about thread or glue or more.

I love this skull & bullet pendant.
Beading saved Veronica's sanity. She participated in the Toho Challenge with a very beautiful necklace despite her health issues.

She also participated in the Battle of the Beadsmith several times. Here a piece modeled by one of her beautiful nieces.

And another miracle piece which uses Hubble Stitch for the ropes.


I say miracle because when she beaded this piece, she fell asleep on it all the time because of her medication and feared to never finish it.

Veronica was a true rainbow warrior. She even had her hair dyed rainbow during some time. How awesome is that?

And now her light shines among the stars of the universe.
Goodbye, Veronica, you will continue to shine your light in my heart.


  1. I didn’t know Veronica but what a beautiful tribute to her life Cath - she was certainly a beautiful beader and definitely shows in her pieces - what an amazing designer - May she Rest In Peace 🕊

  2. Thank you Cath. You are an excellent friend. <3

  3. I was unaware that Veronica had passed! I am very sad about this, but appreciate you telling everyone Cath :-( She really was a wonderful person! :-)

  4. How beautiful a tribute to your friend! Veronica sounds like she truly was an amazing and glorious person. We, the rest of the world, are truly saddened to never have the chance to know her as you did. You have my deepest condolences for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. So sorry for your loss! And a beautiful tribute to her!

  6. I too followed Veronica and amazed at beautiful beadwork and her health was an incredible hurdle on a daily basis but I believe she is at piece beading without pain


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