Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Dimensional Cellini Peyote with "Flames" start

Five beautiful dimensional Cellini peyote projects using the "flames" start
I just published a bundle of 5 patterns! Squeeee! 5 designs made with dimensional Cellini peyote with a "flames start": the Lotus Banglethe Tulip Tassel, the Parrot earringsthe Precious Pomanders and the Mermaid Tail

Learn more about the Pomanders in this post. 
Tulip Tassels

The projects are for intermediate (Pomanders and Tulip), advanced intermediate (Bangle, Parrot Earrings) to advanced beaders (Mermaid Tail). You need to master peyote stitch, herringbone stitch and at least have zipped a beaded triangle or warped square to create 3-dimensional beadwork. 

You can buy each design separately, but I also offer them as a bundle of 3 and a bundle of 5, both with 33% discount, as well as 2 duos - the Mermaid Tail together with the Tulip Tassel or the Mermaid Tail with Precious Pomanders, because the cord ends compliment the pendants really beautifully.

Parrot Earrings

I created a Dimensional Cellini Peyote category for these designs, and will soon add more - I will be working on the "Waves" start the coming weeks. The Waves start will probably be only one tutorials. I haven't decided yet.

Precious Pomander, Mermaid Tails
and Lotus Bangle
I have never written this many tutorials in so little time. It generally takes more than 2 months to put one together: it starts with an idea, lots of trial and error, more beading to find better/best thread paths and make WIP photos and post-edit these, drawing the illustrations, writing all the instructions, "beauty shots", and putting it all together and then list it all and write some informational blog post and newsletter. Which isn't ready yet. You can subscribe to my newsletter (see the box on the left).

Plus taking some designs further, to inspire you beady friends...

! Very important note !: Those of you who saw my Little Mermaid and Octavio: please read my post about these two designs before purchasing anything.

The tutorials are also listed in my Etsy shop, but only single tutorials - not the combos with the discounts.

Now I am taking a short break to rest a bit and have quality time with hubby and family, and then will work on the next bundle for shapes with "Waves start". 

Thank you all, for reading me, beading with me, and supporting my art

Happy, happy beading!


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