Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"What next"...

You know what you want, the story you want to tell. Your design takes shape, on the go, exactly as you hoped -  no, it's even better: no special preparation. You just went for it. And everything is going wonderfully well. No broken needles, no beads on the ground, no fingers pricked, no thread fraying... Pure bead bliss...

You need to make elements to get the puzzle right. You need to have them all ready for the next step,  one long, long movement. You know which magic you want to do to transform the whole thing... but you are missing something.

So you play a bit with your beads with a vague idea about something you had already tried before. And somehow you decide to do use a slightly different technique... and you end up with a completely new beaded element you've never thought of, and it is... blowing your mind, because it ends up being exactly what you needed to tell your story.
BOTB'13 'Teaser'

See what I mean?

Now that is what I call... let "IT" bead.

And I absolutely LOVE that. To me, it represents the ultimate state of Beading with the Universe, or simply Being Beading.

Oop! Didn't I say that this was a short Battle of the Beadsmith 2013 Update?

Happy beading!


Cath, aka 'Rainbow Warrior' 


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