Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Busy... and dreaming of warmer days

I am longing for the Spring. A bit warmer weather... it is so cold outside. And I want flowers and green leaves... Fortunately it is warm at home and there are beads and there is enough to eat for the coming days... A lot of snow has made transportation difficult in Switzerland. This is from far the whitest winter I've gone through in the Valley of LĂ©man!

"Extravagance" mix by Preciosa Ornela
Looking at the beautiful selection of colorful beads of Preciosa Ornela, I warm up when I see this particular mix... I can see myself beading the hell out of them, believe me. I have tons of projects, some finished, some on the go, some still at the stage of paper sketches, and it is terribly frustrating because I can't show anything for the moment.

What I can say is is that they're all Beautiful. With capital B, and they are mostly made with the wonderful glass beads of Preciosa Ornela. I wish I could show it all here.

Patience. Have many projects on the run. In addition to the tons of projects mentioned earlier, I'm making a swap for a Facebook friend and need to prepare several gifts for the many lovely people out there, in particular a PIF for 5 persons. For that I fortunately have the entire year!

Closer is the Battle of the Beadsmith in which I will participate this year. Not to win - I don't think that I have the slightest chance... No. For the tremendously exciting whirlwind of creativity it represents, for the inspiration, for the fun, for the love of beads and beading and creating. And the congeniality...

So I will probably not blog much the coming weeks, except for one special project that I will be able to reveal in March, and even though it is about a finished project, it will be subject to several posts to show a beautiful creation in progress...

In the meantime, much love to you all. Stay warm and safe!

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