Thursday, October 12, 2017

Beads in my Bedroom

Except on paper (sketching), I had never beaded in my bedroom. But last Monday (October 9th 2017). I decided to go there for it is the only quiet place to film a video explaining how to do fast peyote with increases, using two threads. I talked about this method on Facebook, and one of my beady friends said that she was waiting for somebody to show it to her for she didn't get it right. So I thought that it would be nice to show it to all. It is a cool, fast method, and spares the tendons.

You'll see that I am far from being a pro at making videos. There are a couple of big sighs in it, because I have difficulties saying things right - I've always had, also in writing: I often say later what should come first, and vice versa. I also tend to mix up 'stitch-string-add' etc. Because of fibro, I forget to mention things I wanted to mention... and count the beads more times than shown in the video. This results in a lot of editing in both writing and filming. I hope that you will understand it despite the little cuts.

I am happy with the sound from an avian point of view. My first attempt to film this technique was ruined by a lovely, but deafening Figaro. I love my birds and Figaro and Charly are no exception, but they are noisy beasts. Seeing that I can't ask them to shut up, the bedroom appears to be the right place. It is actually really odd to not hear them at all when I am not talking. Next time I think that I'll leave the door open to at least hear them a little bit. I miss them :D

Figaro, Fluff' the Puff', and Miss White, sun bathing.

They are quiet at night, but then I still can't film because I'd need spots and those of you who know me, know that I can't use spots - also not for photography. The natural light in the bed room appears to be good enough - there is a huge window, letting lots of light enter the room without direct sun light.

Now there must be a fire polished bead somewhere in a corner of the room, because I am sure that I heard it fall. It makes a different sound than a seed bead, and seeing that I was adding those lovely faceted bead to the belly of my fish, there were FP on the BOI-board.

So now you may ask what fish?

May I present to you Takato, named after his 22cm real-life model, a big oranda living with us:

Takato and Takato
It is a purse that came together completely naturally. I had a little purse that I kept in my stash to reuse to make this fish. It had a very precise idea in mind since I wrote the book Diamond Weave (DW) but never got to make it. Then one day I saw Julia Turova's beautiful bead-knitted frog and it reminded me of my project.

I didn't want to bead crochet or knit. I wanted to use the beautiful pattern I imagined with the Diamond Weave Chinese Coin Motif stitch (variation 10 with Thread Cover Beads - TCB) for the back of the purse. It was a difficult project, but with plenty of "luck" - many things were made without having to undo or redo them, like the fish butt. I can't believe that I made it right immediately, because I actually was like "OMG how am I going to join it all and give that fish a nice shape? And there, a petal initially made for the gill plates that was too small got transformed into a "butt", which even appeared to be the perfect support for the tail. I call this beading with the Universe. Ask and you are answered. The next petals that I made for the gill plates were again too small, so I kept them for the tail. I really had many "how could I do this, improve that", and each time I asked myself, the answer came like magic. Everything fell in place better than I could have imagined. For those who wonder, petals are a two-increase form that is a very versatile component, The free tutorial can be downloaded by those who are part of my "From Petal to Pod Group" on Facebook - if you want to be part of the group, please drop me a note.

The head, tail and gill plates are peyote petals. The pectoral fins are pear-shaped peyote, based on a Monte Carlo Bracelet (a design by Gerlinde Lenz tutified by me at her demand), the pelvic fins and dorsal fin are made with herringbone with increases and last but not least, the tiny little anal fin was made with brick stitch. The bezels around the eyes were made with circular peyote.

I also used Diamond Weave in full hexagonal variation no. 3 with TCB - for the belly, which I embellished with a myriad of fire polished beads (which was something I had the feeling it was begging for repeatedly, lol).

Beading this purse was something awesome. I posted in-progress photos on FB and had a myriad of encouragements, which I appreciated very much. It helped keeping the motivation up. It took

11 days of intensive beading
2 days of forced rest, a bit of physio
Orange AB seed beads size 11/0 - 24g.
Red AB seed beads size 11/0 - 21g.
Topaz AB seed beads size 11/0 - 14g.
Dark gold permanent finish seed beads size 11/0 - 12g,
less than 1 g. coral lined size 15/0
less than 1g. 24Kt gold plated size 15/0
2 glass cabs
1 permanent marker, black
1 red coin purse
3 needles (size 11, 12 and 15)
1 bobbin of Hana thread "Gold Fish"

And voilà!

With the left over beads I am thinking of beading a lanyard - for the purse frame has some sort of loop for that, a chain tab. But I have to go back to work and write tutorials to add to my shop, for I need to feed my other (real) pets. Did you see that I listed the tutorial for the Pinwheel cuff, and another tutorial for a pretty, dainty bracelet, "Florets"? It is made with the same DW variation as used for the belly of the fish. So fast to make, it will knock your socks off.

I hope to do a tutorial for this, when my video skills and illustration software will have improved, for that are actually the reasons why this and some other designs are still not tutified - like the Samurai Pod and other 3D things. Working hard on it, and the video about fast peyote is part of the learning process.



  1. "Beading with the Universe." I love that. I call it "fingering things out". The idea of allowing things to happen and then finding their purpose. I have done fast Peyote, but only in a straight strip. I used it for my gold and white hat band, which was striped, and that required some thought, but I had not imagined that it would work in the round like this. Thank you so much for sharing! YOUR FISH IS KILLER GOOD!! Just exceptional. I love you Cath.

  2. Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous. Have no words to express what I feel. Marvel at your imagination and creativity and how you transformed your vision into a 3D beaded wonder!!!!

  3. This is awesome, can't wait til you tutified it, love that word, fits perfectly. Just discovered you and this work, on to find more stuff you have done.

  4. You did fine. We are what we are and it's refreshing to see a "real person" not a persona. Great project. I know I have a purse frame in one of these baskets . . . . . .

    1. Thank you for telling me. I hope that you are going to hack that purse frame ;D

  5. I love your video Cath, great job! I’m definitely bookmarking this for my next peyote project.
    AND...the purse... wow, brilliant beadwork and so charming:) Cyndi

  6. Love the charming fish purse.
    Happy Beading,
    -Eva Maria

  7. whaouu il est superbe bravoo ma Cath
    il en a fallut de la patience pour réaliser une ptite merveille de ce style

    1. C'était un peu long, mais ça en valait la peine, je crois :D merci!!!

  8. Oh, Cath, Takato is just amazing,just beautiful, and by the way Cath that saying thing later that should come first is a dutch thing ,and very hard to unlearn, but don't worry about it , its all okay [except for writing tutorials] hugsx

    1. Aww, thank you Ankie! Is that true that it is a Dutch trait? I didn't know! Thank you for letting me know - it comforts me that it is not another fibrotic feature. LOL. I've noticed that it gets worse with age... at least in me. My proofreaders are very competent at correcting me, fortunately. :D

  9. This is beyond incredible. I'm so impressed! It's gorgeous and inventive and detailed and just splendid. Thank you for the video too! <3 ~Val

  10. love your fish purse are you going too make pattern at some time praying that you will :)

  11. love yor fsh purse. are you going too make a pattern/tut for it ??
    praying that you will :)


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